Contact Me/Review Policy

Hello all! Welcome to my review policy. I am going to try and make this as painless as possible, for both you and me!

  • I am currently accepting review books at this time
    • Ebook
      • mobi
    • Physical
      • Contact me through email for address/details
  • I will review both traditionally published and self-published work
  • I wanted to list my favorite genres, but  I don't really have one. So what I ask is that when you email me, let me know what the book is about and what not. This will help me better know if it is up my alley or not.

Thank you! So feel free publishers/authors to contact me to either review a book, join a blog tour, or promote a book in some other way! I enjoy getting emails from everyone, so any suggestions, or just want to chat about books, send me an email!

Happy Reading!

*And it might be helpful to actually put my email address on here, right???

You can reach me at