Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Romancer Issue #1 by Peter Milligan and Brett Parson

Title: New Romancer
Author: Peter Milligan
Artist: Brett Parson
Series: New Romancer #1
Source: Bought


Fired from a cushy job in Silicon Valley, Lexy becomes a coder for New Romancer, an Internet-dating app that’s seen better days. To create fake profiles, she plunders characteristics from history’s most notorious lovers. Using little-known writings by Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, Lexy pushes the boundaries of coding and accidentally unleashes history’s greatest lover: Lord Byron. Online dating meets courtly love in this paranormal rom-com by Vertigo veteran writer Peter Milligan and rising art star Brett Parson (Tank Girl).


I picked up this comic on a whim. I was already at the comic store, and it was one of those trips where nothing new was coming out in the series I was already reading. So, I started to browse the wall with the back issues. I came across the cover of this one, and just decided to go with it. That is honestly how I find most of my comics, because I have such a small background in comics, that I don't really have a "usual" type just yet. So, I picked up the first issue of New Romancer and took it home. It sat on my desk for a few days, and finally I decided to pick it up....

WOW. I was completely surprised by how much I truly enjoyed this. The writing was spot on, and the art was fantastic. I loved the storyline and the different layers I think this comic series will have. I love the prospect of getting to see from the various dead poets perspectives, and can't wait to pick up issue 2! 

I was not expecting that ending, but boy did it make this reading experience awesome! I don't think I would have liked this as much if it hadn't taken that turn at the very end. But at the same time, it's that drastic sharp turn that has me a little wary. I will definitely be continuing on with the next one to see how the author and artist takes this story.

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