Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kira by Ross Harrison

Title: Kira
Author: Ross Harrison
Amazon (it's ONLY $1.70!!)

Series: Kira #1
Genre: Steampunk
Source: Got for review back when it first came out...will purchase in physical form if/when the novellas get put together...hint hint :D
5 STARS :)

Kira's town has so far survived the destruction wrought by the Government on so many others. But for how much longer? In the middle of a blistering desert, her people are out of fuel, out of clean water, and out of options. The Government will destroy them sooner or later, and they won't survive relocation. Their only chance is to attack first. But Kira knows that's no chance at all.


So this was a re-read for me. I had originally read it a few years back, when it was first published. I remembered loving the novella, but when I was trying to explain to a friend why they needed to buy it because I thought they would really enjoy it, I was overcome with the sudden urge to need to rediscover it for myself. So that's what I did. And it sure brought back all the original feels! :)

This story is such a fast-paced romp to read. I mean it is a novella, so it's page count is short (much to my sadness when I reached the final page and thought it had been longer in my memory), but I believe that even if it were a full length novel (which I would stand in line for) it would be a quick read. The pacing of the story just lends itself to needing to get to the next page as quickly as possible.

The story centers around Kira and her scouting for her town, known as a Wasteland. It is one of the few towns that have refused to join the Government, and won't pay the price for all the technology seen in New Haven. It starts with her scouting in New Haven for a reason that is revealed kind of early on, but I would rather you just read it find out the particulars of they whys and stuff...since it is only 40 pages, and anything can be considered a spoiler at that length.

But the action in this book literally starts with the first line. And it keeps going. Also, there is just so much happening in the span of this novella, that I was felt as if I was reading the development of a full length novel. So kudos for that Ross Harrison! 

The characters all seemed to come alive. Especially Kira. She was just such a fun character to read about. She had a distinct personality that I really enjoyed! But Ross didn't just flesh her out, he gave other characters depth and in a short novella that is hard to do. And it worked well. It made me want to know more about the Elders, and Michael, and Flip, and all the townspeople that we weren't introduced to. 

The ending leaves me wanting more...and I know there is a sequel already out, so I will promptly be picking that up. But I can tell that the world of New Haven and this oppressive Government, and Kira, is one that I will want to keep visiting over and over again, to check up on the characters I'm attached to, to see what twists there are in store (because holy hell in 40 pages I didn't see that coming), and just to learn more about this world that Ross Harrison has created. 

So, after all that, I recommend picking this up. It's fast, and it will not disappoint. I think this was the most fun I had had reading it quite some time! :) 

5 STARS!!!!

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